CEC Honored by Colorado Business Roundtable

CEC Honored by Colorado Business Roundtable

CEC was recently recognized for our work with various utilities in the state of Colorado — providing our customers with more renewable energy choice via community solar.


We received the “Collaboration in Industry” award in the energy category from state business advocacy group Colorado Business Roundtable (COBRT). The award honors our innovative partnerships with Colorado utilities through our community shared solar program, RooflessSolar.


CEC's "Collaboration in Industry" award from COBRT

Pictured: The “Collaboration in Industry” award.


With RooflessSolar, any electricity customer in a participating utility territory – including renters, those who don’t own or have access to an unshaded roof, businesses, non-profits, and municipalities – can access the financial and environmental benefits of locally-generated clean power.


CEC receives COBRT award 2017

Pictured: CEC’s Director of Marketing Alaina Bravo receiving the “Collaboration in Industry” award from COBRT President Jeff Wasden.


To learn more about the award, please read our press release here. Or, to see photos from the COBRT “Collaboration in Industry” awards luncheon, click here.