Easy Tips for a Greener Holiday

Easy Tips for a Greener Holiday

Have you ever given a gift that made its recipient AND the planet happy? If you’re in the habit of sustainable giving, you know what we’re talking about. With just a few days left of the 2017 holiday rush, it’s not too late to embrace some green habits if you haven’t already!


Consider this: Did you know that if every family in the US wrapped three gifts in reused materials, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields?  Or, did you know Americans throw away about 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve?


If you’re trying to combat waste and be a little greener this holiday, here are four easy tips:


Decorate with energy-efficient and durable items like buying a reusable artificial tree or disposing of your live tree at a chipping facility.


Be energy-efficient by incorporating less lights into your holiday displays, using more efficient LEDs or plugging your lights into a timer.


Use fewer resources by knitting, painting or building gifts, donate to a charity on behalf of a family member or friend and repurpose gently-used materials for gift wrap such as newspaper, fabric, old maps and tins.


Avoid disposable containers and packaging by using washable utensils and plates at your holiday parties or buying snacks or beverages in bulk.


Looking for more eco-friendly holiday inspiration? The CDC website published a great list of green holiday tips here and we encourage you to check it out. And just think: if everyone adds just a little green to their holiday traditions this year, it will make a big difference for the planet!