New Jersey Joins the 50% Club – Proving the Value and Support of Community Solar!

New Jersey Joins the 50% Club – Proving the Value and Support of Community Solar!

New Jersey is setting an example for environmental awareness by showing their strong approval for the solar community. In April, New Jersey lawmakers passed two bills that will significantly help with renewable energy inactivates in the state. One bill included a community solar title creating a permanent community solar program for third party development across the state. The Assembly passed A3723 (50-20), increasing NJ’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) to 50% by 2030. Meanwhile, the Senate passed S2314 (29-8), enhancing community solar and requiring gas and electricity utilities to take on energy efficiency programs.

Last week, Governor Phil Murphy signed these bills into action. These new legislations will stabilize New Jersey’s solar market through 2021. Key bill provisions include:

  • An initial pilot program by the end of 2018 – annual capacity to be determined by BPU
  • Requirements for creation of a permanent program within 3 years – minimum of 50 MW annually
  • Project sizing up to 5 MW
  • Access to low and moderate-income customers

This will start the process for the future of solar incentives in the state. Not only is this a win for New Jersey’s renewable development, but also for many other entities. These initiatives will support more than 7,100 solar industry jobs and expand the benefits of clean energy to more residents across the state. In fact, thousands of residents expressed strong approval for the bills leading up to the vote.

“This legislation will benefit many different areas of New Jersey,” says Director for Mid-Atlantic Vote-Solar. “These bills will give residents and businesses access to clean energy choices, spur jobs and local investments, and help build healthier communities. We thank lawmakers for their tremendous leadership and look to Governor Murphy to carry today’s legislation across the finish line. We hope New Jersey will serve as a guidepost for other states to set ambitious clean energy policies and work toward a brighter future”.


To view the full New Jersey legislation, click here: